Tuesday, 2 August 2016

ASDA Little Angels Nappy Review

Nappies are one of the most important purchases you buy your baby on a regular basis. As a mum to a toddler we've tried and tested our fair share of different nappy brands and ASDA Little Angels have always been the best for Joey. Joey has been very lucky to have been sent two different types of Little Angels nappies to put to the test.

The first nappies we ever bought for Joey before he was even born were the Little Angels Newborn nappies, as time has gone on we've used different brands but always fall back on the ASDA brand of nappies. Joey is now a fully fledged toddler, always on the go and potty training is on the horizon so we were pretty excited to try them out.

Supreme Protection
  • By night, it provides superior comfort with up to 12 hours of dryness. 
  • By day, it’s expertly designed not to disappoint, with additional features including super stretchy sides and a super secure back elastic. This helps to recognise that a nappy needs to perform differently as your baby moves quickly from a bundle of baby loveliness to an active adventurous toddler.
After Joey had passed the newborn stage we used to buy the Little Angels Comfort Dry, which had always been very good but then we started shopping at a budget supermarket and started buying their nappies. So having tried the Little Angels Supreme Protection I'm wondering why we ever stopped using the ASDA brand. Joey hasn't had any leakages, they seem to have more stretch to them for moving around and they really do last during the night.

Peppa Pig Pants
  • Soft, absorbent gel beads, which absorb up to 30 times their own weight, keep your toddler dry, with up to 12 hours dryness for protection day or night! 
  • The special aqua lock™ layers help keep baby's skin dry to reduce rashes and skin irritation, the last thing your toddler wants as they begin to gain their independence.
  • ASDA Little Angels First Pants are suitable for toddlers from 12+ months and help them learn how to pull their own pants up and down. 
  • They have quick release seams for fuss free changing and smooth zigzag flexi-sides for a soft, secure stretch, to keep your active toddler moving with confidence!
After using a different brand of pull ups i was expecting to not get on brilliantly with these but I'm pleasantly surprised. No leaks during the day OR night. Changing a #2 nappy was also pretty easy as you can tear the sides instead of pulling the nappy down. Pull up pants are just so much easier to get on a wriggly toddler aswell.

I'm very happy that we've got on so well with both types of Little Angels nappies and will definitely stick to getting Joey's nappies from ASDA in the future. Asda LittleAngels nappies are currently 3 packs for £10 which is a great price compared to other brands. Also, the Little Angels range packaging has recently been redesigned with the Peppa Pig First Pants being a new addition.
Not only did Little Angels out-perform Pampers and Aldi Mamia in all categories in a recent survey, ranking highest in terms of value for money/price, overall quality and absorbency(2), but they were also voted the preferred nappy brand(3).

If you haven't tried ASDA Little Angels nappies then what are you waiting for?

Enter the competition to win a pack of Little Angels Supreme Protection nappies (Size 4+) 

Disclaimer: have been sent both products in return for a review. As always all thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 

2) SurveyMonkey, Mother and Baby Magazine, Total Responses: 268, Ran from 9th April to 9th May 2016.
3) SurveyMonkey, Mother and Baby Magazine, Total Responses: 268, Ran from 9th April to 9th May 2016.


  1. Mamia from Aldi would love to try Asda's have never used these before.