Thursday, 29 September 2016

Mummy & Little Me Week 15: 5 things nobody told me about toddlers

As a new mum you'll probably be thinking that the newborn stage will be the hardest stage in your childs life...WRONG! The hardest stage is in fact when they become toddlers.

This week for Mummy & Little Me I'm letting you know 5 things nobody told me about toddlers. Just when you thought night feeds, teething and explosive liquidy poos were firmly in the past, the toddler stage then slaps you in the face.

This is a funny yet true account of what i wish people had warned me about now that Joey is terrible toddler. Their are so many more things i could have added to the list, but i feared that any new mums reading up on what was to come would well and truly break them.

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