Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Worrying about the milestones

At the moment one of my biggest worries i have as a parent is about the milestones that Joey isn't yet reaching. Even though he is only 2 years old and still classed as a baby it's a constant worry that he isn't at the same development stage like most kids his age.

I try and tell myself not to get too worried about Joey's development but it's hard not to. At times i blame myself, it feels like its my fault because he doesn't socialise with other children and he doesn't go to nursery. Over the past few months I'd been taking Joey to various different groups but they didn't offer the interaction that Joey needed.

Speech and communication - Joey's speech is pretty much non-existent. He is vocal but doesn't say any actual words. Recently he has been repeatedly saying "Baaa" but we don't know what that means to him. Because of the lack of speech it means he's finding it hard to communicate, if he wants something he'll point or lead me to something. Hand gestures have become quite popular with him aswell, we don't know if this is another way of him trying to communicate to us.

Potty training - I've become very aware recently of stories about children who aren't even 2 years old being fully potty trained. Because Joey can't tell me he needs the toilet, I don't see how i can encourage him to start using a potty. Whenever i can tell he's having a poo, i always tend to ask him "are you having a poo?" and instead of nodding his head he just looks at me and goes very quiet.

Cot to toddler bed - Joey still sleeps in his cotbed, we haven't taken the sides down yet and don't have any plans to do so anytime soon. Like I've already mentioned, i feel like he's still a baby so would worry if he didn't have the sides up. He doesn't appear to need the extra space just yet and he hasn't attempted to climb out of his cot just yet.

On a regular basis i get emails from various companies informing me of how my child should be developing and then the health visitors are concerned he is behind. Should i really be paying attention to all of these people who don't see my son on a daily basis? As a mum I'd like to think that Joey is just a little bit behind and with the help of speech therapy we should see some improvements soon.

Do you worry about your child's milestones?


  1. i may be completely wrong and I apologise if I am but from reading you seem to 'baby' your little boy. He's over 2 and really is classed as a toddler and not a baby as you say regardless of whether he is non verbal or verbal.
    I have 4 children and I'm also a children's nurse and have seen many different children over the last 15 years develop at different rates including one of my own children who was late at speaking.
    But one of the worse things you can do is baby him ie wearing baby grows, sitting in a baby seat in the bath, dummies, being in a cot, even down to being in a highchair. You are his mum so obviously it's totally your choice what you do but in my experience as a mum and a nurse it maybe time to let him grow and start treating him as the toddler he is otherwise you may delay his development even more. He's a lovely little boy by the way!

  2. Keep doing what you're doing!

    My little one is just over two. His speech was classed as delayed a couple of months ago and out of nowhere the words just came flowing - So don't panic it will happen soon!
    However we have not taken the bars off his cot bed because he rolls way too much in his sleep - I wouldn't feel it's safe at all. There's nothing wrong with that I don't think?
    As for potty training, it will just come to him when he's ready. Our nursery nurse's little boy was still in nappies at 4 years old, she had no shame in letting us parents know that it was just because her little boy wasn't ready and it terrified him.
    You're doing the best for your little boy, and he's so loved, that's all that matters x