Thursday, 6 October 2016

Home visit from the health visitor

On Thursday 29th September we had a visit from the local health visitor regarding worries we had about his behavior during Joey's 2 year review. This visit was just so the health visitor could see Joey at home and to discuss our issues in order to see what support could be available for Joey.

If you regularly read this blog then you may know that Joey has major tantrums. A few months back we had 2 days when Joey had a massive meltdown constantly throughout those 2 days. Nothing would calm him down. It was then suggested to us that maybe their was a reason for his behaviour, maybe ADD or some other form of disability. Me and the hubby seem to think it's something more than just the terrible two's so that's why we brought it up at his 2 year review.

This visit though was pretty informal and just chance for the health visitor to get an overall picture of Joey. As soon as the health visitor and the trainee walked in, Joey ran off into a different room hiding which is pretty common for him around strangers. Some of the issues discussed were:

Tantrums - it's pretty inevitable that Joey will have more than one tantrum during the day whether we're at home or out. The hv advised us to let Joey know where we would be going and what we would be doing. Telling him in advance what was coming up next would let him know what to expect.

Sleep - Joey's sleep has been amazing recently. We started to put him to bed without me staying in the room and he falls asleep no problem on his own. The hv was really pleased that we didn't have any issues getting him to sleep and he's in a good routine.

Speech & communication- one of the obvious development issues Joey has is his lack of communication with us. This may be thr reason for his tantrums as he becomes frustrated at not being able to tell us what he wants.

As this was just our initial meeting their will be more assessments to come before any support is in place. Tomorrow we have a home visit from Speech therapy so i will keep you posted.

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