Saturday, 15 October 2016

Mummy & Little Me Week 17: Christmas Wishlist for Mummy's

I dare say it but Christmas is approaching.  Every year i always make a list of things i want or ideally would want but i nearly always end up ordering them myself. This week i have come up with a christmas wish list for Mummy's using products from the Mummy & Little Me website.

As a mother it's important to me that Joey is always the priority when it comes to Christmas presents, and gone are the days when hubby spends £300 on a watch for me. The Mummy & Little Me website has some really lovely gifts that i think are quite different to anything you'd find on the high street.

So if you need a little inspiration for this years Christmas gifts then take a look at my wishlist and explore the lovely gifts on offer on the Mummy & Little Me website.
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