Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Being brave and attending toddler groups

For the past couple of months i feel like i have been becoming increasingly trapped at home. I've always been really keen to go to toddler groups, we have tried several over the past few months but weren't right for Joey. Yesterday we went to a new toddler group, and it was absolutely amazing as i was able to speak to mums who have the same issues with their toddlers.

Not taking Joey to a baby/toddler group regularly over the past 2 years has been a big mistake. I feel if he had been part of a baby group from a young age maybe his speech and behaviour issues wouldn't have been much of an issue. The groups that we have attended over the last year have not been what I thought Joey needed, there was no interaction with the other kids and i never really made meaningful conversation with a parent. So going to new groups has always been a bit difficult because each one hasn't been a success for us.

A few weeks ago i came across a new toddler group at a youth club next to the park we go to just up the road from us. I'd been putting off going for ages but yesterday plucked up the courage for us to go and i really enjoyed it. Walking into a group you've never been to before is daunting, you don't know what to expect and initial conversation can feel awkward and forced. I walked in and there were only two mums inside with their kids but then 3 other mums turned up. I felt really comfortable and it was great to speak to two mums who's toddlers also had speech delay problems like Joey. It was amazing to speak to people in the same situation.

While i was talking away, Joey was happily playing and running round with the other toddlers. We helped the kids make Christmas handprint decorations from handmade playdough which Joey will get to paint next week. I'm confident that we've finally come across a group we're going to stick at. I feel like attending a regular and small group every week will help improve things for Joey and also make some friends in the process.

Attending groups can be nerve-wracking but i feel like this is the step i needed to make to better both myself and Joey. Do you go to regular toddler groups? I'd love to know how you get on.

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