Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Is the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck promoting childhood obesity?

For many people the Coca-Cola Christmas truck adverts on the television, print and nationwide truck visits marks the start of Christmas for them. This evening on my way home from picking my hubby up from work, their was a segment on the radio about how the Coca-Cola truck tour encourages children to want to drink the fizzy drink and contributing to childhood obesity rates.

For many years I've been one of those people that as soon as the Coca-Cola Christmas adverts hit TV it's officially the start of Christmas. In the UK the Coca-Cola truck visits a number of towns and cities just before Christmas and people are encouraged to go along and have their picture taken with the festive truck. I've always wanted to see the Coca-Cola truck for myself but have never had the chance.  I also have a slight addiction to drinking Diet Coke (Who doesn't) and I've drunk it for years, i can't remember a specific time when i started drinking it but I'm pretty sure I wasn't coerced into drinking it after coming across Coca-Cola promotion.
The gist of the conversation on the radio called for the ban of the Coca-Cola truck doing it's usual promotional tour at Christmas. The man who was being interviewed who i think was an MP argued  that it was shameful at promoting sugary drinks to younger people and it puts some parents and grandparents in a position when the child is nagging for it. In my eyes the Coca-Cola truck is a festive event to mark the start of Christmas, yes of course they are promoting the global brand but they're not forcing anybody to drink the product.

What i found interesting is that this man said that by promoting this brand parents are "killing their children with kindness" as he believes that obesity is a killer. I don't doubt that obesity is a big issue in our country and puts pressure on the NHS but we're talking about the tradition of the Coca-Cola truck being banned. Some people may argue that actually maybe the Olympics should be boycotted as that is sponsored by McDonald's, a fast food chain sponsoring a sports event.

I think that the Coca-Cola Christmas truck is a great tradition to kick off the festive period. I don't believe that their is any malice intended but for the brand to want to celebrate Christmas with many of it's consumers and maybe create a few more consumers. For anybody who wanta to have the events banned are just scrooges in my opinion, if you don't like drinking Coca-Cola then you don't have to drink it.

As a parent it is my responsibility to educate my son on healthy choices as he grows up, yes i may drink an obscene amount of Diet Coke but I'm not planning on trying to convert him. I was brought up to only have fizzy drinks as a treat on maybe the weekend when i was a teen, i know many people who don't even like Coca-Cola, Pepsi or fizzy drinks and a big truck shelling out free samples won't change people's personal preferences.

So should the Coca-Cola Christmas truck be banned? Let me know what you think!

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