Thursday, 24 November 2016

My first smear test

At the beginning of the week i went and had my first cerival screening. Like most women, i was slightly nervous prior to my appointment but it really isn't something to fear.

In the Uk, the NHS offers cervical screening to women aged between 25-64, it is a method used in order to prevent cancer by detecting and treating any abnormalities to the cervix. About 2 weeks ago i recieved a letter inviting me to make an appointment at my doctors to have the test done. As soon as i got the letter i rung and made the appointment for after the weekend. As much as i was keen to get it done I needed to have time to prepare myself.

The day of the appointment came and it wasn't a good day, Joey had had me up most of the night so i was shattered. I headed into the nurses room and i was seen by the nurse who usually does all of the vaccinations so not a completely unfamiliar face. Firstly, we sat at the desk and she asked me general questions and then some questions about our choice of contraception. I also had to try and remember the first day of my last period which was a bit tricky to remember.
It was then time to go behind the curtain and get undressed from the waist down and jumped on the bed. If you want to know the exact way they do the test then look here but it isn't anything to worry about. It doesn't hurt and it's not uncomfortable, i think what makes the situation worse is not being relaxed. If you're tensing so much then it will just make it a really bad experience.

I now have to wait 2 weeks for the results which i should receive through the post. If abnormal cells have been found then another smear would be needed which i feel ok about as i now know how easy it was. I can see why so many women put off going for their smear test, i think for women who haven't given birth it can be a bit more scarier. When i was heavily pregnant with Joey i had 2 sweeps to bring on labour (that didn't work) and then a team of people had the pleasure of observing my bits while giving birth. So for me, having already shown my vagina to a lot of midwives/doctors didn't worry me.

If you need to go and book your smear test then PLEASE do it. If you've turned 24 recently then you will be receiving a letter soon. Remember that it isn't scary and once you've had it done go and treat yourself to scrummy hot chocolate like i did.

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