Wednesday, 16 November 2016

My top 10 Blogging Tips

I've had my blog for over 2 years now and I'm still learning new things about blogging all the time. I still consider myself to be a beginner blogger but i thought i would share some advice and tips for any newbie bloggers out their.

1) Find your niche- If you're thinking of starting a blog then it is so important that you know what you're going to be writing about first. Lifestyle, beauty, parenting, technology, cooking etc. My blog from the get go was always about parenting and lifestyle.

2) Blog platform - research how you want to host your site. Blogger or Wordpress? Their are other options but probably too complicated for me so I went with blogger.

3) Topics - personally i always try to makesure that during the week i post about different topics. You don't want to have each and every post to be a product review or a style post. I like to makesure that when you scroll through my blog that you have gaps between review posts and Joey's weekly style posts.

4) Reasons for blogging - We all have our own reasons for starting a blog whether we have a passion for writing, making a difference etc but their will be some people who blog for all the WRONG reasons and think blogging is a good way to get freebies, which is definitely NOT the case. For those of us who get to do reviews, their is A LOT of work we have to put into our review pieces.

5) Product Reviews/Collaborations - brands from time to time like to reach out to bloggers in order for them to review products. I have had some great products to review over the past 2 years which have either been approached by myself or have been contacted by the brands. You don't have to so product reviews to be successful but it does give you a chance to work with brands and give your personal opinion on products. I don't ever collaborate with a brand if it doesn't fit my lifestyle. Their are blogs out their that solely post about product reviews but if you're a parent blogger, then having lots of reviews instead of other content it may put people off following you.

6) Don't sweat the stats - for many bloggers we started our blog because we have a love for writing and giving advice but we can sometimes become too obsessed over the numbers we're bringing in. As long as you're writing about what you love and believe in then you shouldn't need to worry.

7) Write about what you love - this tip ties into finding your niche i suppose but it's pretty obvious that you should be writing about topics you enjoy and believe in. If you don't enjoy what your writing about then how is anybody else?

8) Plan ahead - being organised is really important and can make life easier if you have a schedule of posts to go live snd what promotion you need to do.

9) Post regularly - Most successful bloggers will have posts scheduled to go live everyday so that they have regular traffic to their site. If you can't post everyday then aim for atleast once a week so that your readers know you still exist.

10) Spread the love - my last tip is to show other bloggers some love. Don't be afraid to comment on their posts and also get involved in some linkys.

I hope atleast one person can find some of my tips useful. They aren't the holy grail of blogging tips but just my own personal ones to anybody starting out.

Feel free to post any questions below or even share the best blogging tip you have.

Thanks for reading

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