Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Speech Therapy: Session 2

Last week, Joey had his second Speech Therapy session. It had been a month since his previous session and we have found that he has become more vocal. While it may not be a major improvement in his communication, it is an improvement of some sort.

When Joey had his session last month it was a home visit and they introduced Makaton to Joey. After that initial session we had no idea when to expect another session and how often they would be. About 2 weeks ago i received a letter for Joey to go to a speech and therapy review at our medical centre. Because the appointment letter stated "Review" I didn't know what that would mean exactly.

The appointment was with the speech therapist who conducted the home visit last month. She had printed out some info   for us regarding makaton signs. I told her about how he'd been a lot more.vocal and attempting to say "Bee-Bee" which we think is Baby. She then got him to do an activity with her using problem solving skills and makaton to blow bubbles. His problem solving skills are quite good and he understands direction.

The advice from this session is to encourage more makaton communication using both the action and the sound. The more Joey hears the sound hopefully he'll learn to say it. In regards to our next sessions they will aim to see Joey once a month. If we see major improvement then they will leave more time between sessions.

Has your toddler started speech therapy? How are you getting on?

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