Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Why are aspects of parenting always subject to debate

Recently I've been finding that whenever i turn the tv on, or scroll through social media I find an item prompting debate about aspects of parenting. Whether its about breastfed or bottlefed, dummy or no dummy, co-sleeping or not it seems like every aspect of parenthood is being scrutinised.

Breastfeeding Vs Bottlefed
Before i even gave birth to Joey, at my very first antenatal appointment it seemed to me as if i didn't have a choice with regards to breastfeeding. It was something Chris and I hadn't got round to discussing and i was made to feel from the miswife as if i was stupid for not breastfeeding. We managed to breastfeed for around 10 weeks and when that came to an end i felt both relieved that i could have my boobs back but also sad that  that special bond was over. But its also fine if you choose not to breastfeed, as long as you're baby is getting fed that is the most important thing. But the subject is very heavily debated, and while most debates are raising awareness of normalising breastfeeding we also need to remember that for some mums they are unable to breastfed.

Dummy Vs No Dummy
Some parents are either for or against giving their babies dummies/soothers for a variety of different reasons, which is fine. At nearly 2.5 years old Joey still heavily relies on a dummy, without it i dread to think how much worse Joey's tantrums would be. In my opinion more emphasis is put on the negatives of using a dummy than the actual positives. Sometimes i feel bad or embarassed because he still has one but he's relatively happy and it's the only thing that gets us out of a mega meltdown. 

Co-sleeping Vs independent sleep
As someone who LOVES their sleep i couldn't imagine ANYTHING worse (prebaby) than having to share my bed with a small child. But during the 28 months of my sons life we have at times co-slept because it has been the only way that any of us will get any sleep. Their will be parents who have co-slept everyday of their childs life and for them it works. People should not be made to feel embarassed if they share their bed with a child.

Boys Vs Girls stuff
One of the most recent debates that has angered me was the outrage at Strictly Come Dancings, Greg Rutherfords son appearing to wear "Girly" clothes. So that's what it's come to now is it? People criticising parents for how they dress their children. I have bought quite a lot of things for Joey that are labelled as "Girls" and while i have received much praise from people at how well dressed Joey is, i have also been told at how ridiculous he looks. Why should any of us be made to feel embarrassed with what we choose for our children, whether its been labelled for the opposite sex.

Surely as long as we're managing to keep our small humans alive it shouldn't matter which route has been taken. Im sure they're many parents who are aware of such debates and feel like failures because they're child has a dummy and yes they are still sleeping in mummy's bed at 2 years old. Their is no right or wrong way of bringing up your children as long as they are happy and healthy.

What do you think about some of these topics?

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