Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Vileda Windowmatic Vac Review*

One of the most tedious cleaning jobs for me, is probably cleaning the windows. They never end up perfect and streak free. But then we discovered the Vileda Windowmatic Vac and it has completely changed our feelings for cleaning our home.
Product Description
The Vileda windomatic cordless window vacuum cleaner is the quick and easy way to a streak-free finish after washing your windows, removing condensation on windows, wiping steamed mirrors, even for cleaning up spills. 

The suction power runs across the full wiper blade and removes water from windows efficiently, leaving no drips and no need to polish afterwards. 
The flexible head ensures that contact is always maximised, and vacuums right down to the bottom of the window and into corners. 
The lithium battery is mains rechargeable, & allows you to use the windomatic cordlessly all around the home. Lightweight and with an ergonomic grip makes handling easy, the Vileda windomatic can wipe up to 60m² on one charge.

Being a stay at home mum to a toddler i find that
A) I never have the time to do a good clean....OR
B) I clean and then 5 minutes later it's back to square one
So when i was asked if i wanted to review the Vileda Windowmatic Vac i thought to myself that this product can only be a GOOD thing. When it arrived, my hubby took control of putting it together and was extremely excited to put it through it's paces.

The vac comes in three pieces, and without even reading the instructions it was very easy to put together. Once it's all assembled it then needs to charge for 6 hours, which is slightly annoying when you've an eager husband ready to get cleaning. But charging for those 6 hours means that the battery lasts for ages, depending on how long you use it for.
Even though it's called a Windowmatic vac, we have found that there are several uses for it.
- Shower screen
- Mirrors
- Car windows
- Spillages
As the name "Windowmatic" suggests it is mainly targeted for windows but we have found that this product is mainly used in the bathroom after bathing when there is lots of condensation. 
My husband gladly carries the Windomatic Vac around the house and uses it all over the place, I've never seen him so interested in cleaning before.

Lets talk about the design. It looks like a very professional cleaning kit, it's light and doesn't make your arm ache. It glides well down windows or wherever you're cleaning.

After charging up for 6 hours, the Windowmatic vac is easy to use. Just clean your window with soapy water and let the Windowmatic do the rest. With the cold weather upon us, our windows get a lot of condensation so the Windowmatic vac is perfect for getting rid of the water.

Overall, the Vileda windomatic Vac is a fantastic product and well worth investing in one. It has completely changed how we clean and actually does a better job than our method before. The Vileda Windowmatic Vac is priced at £49.99 at the time of writing this review and is available from a number of retailers.

*Disclaimer: We have been sent this product in return for a review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

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