Friday, 6 January 2017

Hello 2017

I want to start off by wishing all of my readers a Happy New Year and I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas.

We're now in 2017, a new year and a clean slate. I've already posted about the things i hope to achieve during this year, you can check it out here, i just wanted to check in with you all. Over the past 2 years this blog has been my hobby, something that I've been excited to contribute to. Then recently, I've been concentrating on my YouTube channel which has been something I'd wanted to achieve last year.

Over Christmas I've been waiting to hear back about a job i was interviewed for and while writing this it's been confirmed that i have the job. Things are goiing to change massively, as I'll be working full time i may not be able to post on the blog or YouTube as much as i have been doing. But i definitely won't be neglecting my blog especially since I've come so far, and if anything I'll be able to afford to do more things to document on here and YouTube.

So i just wanted to let you know that things might go quiet for a bit but not for long. This new chapter in our life feels a bit scary but exciting as well and i can't wait to share how life changes. I really appreciate all of the continued love and support i get from my readers.

Thanks for reading

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