Monday, 9 January 2017

January Wishlist

As of today i am starting a new job full-time and i am so excited that I'll be able to treat myself now and then. I've decided to a monthly wishlist of things I'd like to buy over the course of each month. Here are some faves this month...
Dot Creates Ultimate Blog Planner - £12.50
New year means that it's timeto crack open the new calenders and planners. I desperately need a planner for my blogging and will also come in handy with my new job.
Zoella Stationary Book- £10
In December, i became quite a fan of watching Zoella vlogs, her Zoella Lifestyle range looks amazing. This stationary book would be a great addition to use with a new planner.
Molly Star Loungesuit - £22
I've always had my eye on loungesuits, they are nicer to wear during the day instead of pj's when you can't be bothered to get dressed. If you were brave enough you could wear it out to nip to the shops.

HD Brows - £24
My brows are in desperate need of some TLC, i haven't had them done since eyebrows are currently NOT on fleek.

Do you have anything on your wishlist for this month? 

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