Monday, 2 January 2017

New year, same me

We are all guilty of making new year resolutions and not keeping to them. I'm not going to set myself unrealistic expectations but just small goals I think i can aim for. In 2017 I'm not going to set myself resolutions as such, more things that i want to achieve or improve on over the next year.

Get a job - this is the most importantrhing i want to happen this year. I need a job, not just for financial reasons but to also allow me to be someone other than mum and to be able to out Joey in nursery.
Go on a family holiday - subject to achieving the above, we NEED to have a holiday abroad this year.
Have a massive Primark spree - because I've been out of work i haven't really been able to have a massive splurge on anything for myself. Once i get a job I'm going to have a small Primark splurge.
Eat healthier - over the past year my cooking has improved a lot but i would love to join a weightloss group like Slimming World to learn how to eat that bit healthier. 
make new friends - I'm pretty sad to admit that i don't have a lot of friends, especially with kids the same age as Joey who i can do play dates with.
Film more for my YouTube channel - on the lead up to Christmas i had been uploading every week and i hope to continue in the new year.
Be more organised - i think I'm quite good generally at being organised but interms of my blog, i haven't been much of a planner. I need to invest in a good planner like the Be You Planner to keep ontop of life.

Do you have any goals you'd like to achieve in 2017???

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