Sunday, 19 March 2017

Mothers Day Gift Guide

This month is Mother's Day, a day where every mum should be spoiled rotten and feel like our efforts of being a supermum haven't gone unnoticed. I've put together a gift guide of some things that would make lovelt Mother's day gifts...
Joules caryall bright tote bag*
One thing I love more than anything is my music, I love a good compilation CD and this has some great songs for mum to sing and dance like nobody's watching. Next, we have a gorgeous bracelet from Joma Jewellery which have a great selection of jewellery for every occasion. No mum can go without a medicinal glass bottle of wine, this wine glass is so pretty and makes wine drinking even more prettier. Then we have a handbag by Joules from Amara Living, just a general handbag but a bag that can be used in any season and more importantly fits all the kids stuff inside too. 

'Supermum' Boyfriend Sweatshirt
Mother's day wouldn't be Mother's day without a new pair of pj's, let's face it, most mums spend 99.9% of our time in a our comfy pj's while the little one watches Peppa Pig. Next, this cute heart shaped keyring from Katie Loxton is a gorgeous addition to any set of keys. Perfume is always a good gift idea, my favourite perfume is Jimmy Choo and always a sent that makes me feel good. And finally, this supermum sweatshirt from The DRM Project which are great brand for mummy merch AND all profits go to charity. 

Do you have any favourites out of my gift guide? 

*Disclaimer: Product sent to me for the purpose of this post. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. 

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Does my son have autism?

For a while now, we've known that Joey has a few development and behavioural issues. We've been quite lucky that the ball started rolling fairly quickly and Joey is now being assessed to see if he's on the autistic spectrum.

On a daily basis we struggle with Joey and over the past month, things have become increasingly difficult. His tantrums never seem to end and the smallest thing turns into a meltdown. About 2 months ago, Joey and my husband attended a session with other kids like Joey to discuss the issues that he has. After nearly a month, we finally recieved a letter outlining where we go from here.

Next month, Joey will be visited at nursery to begin the support and start of assessment for autism. Joey hasn't had a speech therapy session since November and has been having issues at nursery with other kids so I'm happy that things are starting to come togetherto help him. 

Part of me feels relieved that we may have a reason for Joey being the way that he is. He isn't like a normal toddler and it's clear to see when we try and get out and amongst the public. Joey's endless tantrums stop us from doing normal family things and it's heartbreaking.

Even though the assessment process has started, it's still going to be a very lengthy process. Aslong as we're given the right tools to support Joey that's all that matters.