Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Slimming World: Week 1

So my first week on Slimming World has come and gone. I've been weighed and I'm so happy with my result in my first week but I'll get down to the numbers in a bit. I'm going to go through how I've found my first week, adapting to cooking the Slimming World way and how I've got on mentally.

If you're thinking of starting any kind of weightloss system like SW I would suggest making sure your fridge, freezer, cupboards etc are things that you will be able to use within SW recipes. If you've still got stuff that maybe isn't amazingly healthy, still use it obviously. What you want to try and have is for your fridge and everything to be kind empty so that you can then go and do a massive food shop.Before you do your first food shop, you need to sit down and plan what meals your wanting to have and then find your ingredients and write a list. Having a shopping list is really handy because hopefully you won't stray from the list and buy things that you don't really need. Going on the SW website would be a good start because it does give you some free recipes to get you started. 

This i've started to get the hang of keeping a food diary, which again is key when it comes down to counting how many syns you've had in a day. But here's a look at my 1st week food diary (Tuesday's tea time was a bit of a right off)

Breakfast: 1 banana 
Snack: 2 walls sausage rolls 
Lunch: Salmon, Cod and Mozzarella fishcake with Birds Eye Tender Geen rice 
T E A: Chicken Casserole (using chicken leg and thighs with skin removed), carrots, onions, swede, Leeks, Tenderstem broccoli and mash 
Dessert: 1 Sticky Toffee Hi-Fi bar

Breakfast: Sausage butty with wholemeal bread and a tiny bit of ketchup.
Lunch: McDonald's Spicy Chicken wrap (16 Syns)
Tea: Tomato & Mascarpone pasta with sweetcorn, peas and tenderstem broccoli. 

Breakfast: 2 x Warburtons Crumpets (5 syns each) 
Lunch: Chicken casserole leftovers 
Tea: Cod with Tender Green Rice (3.5 syns) & Sweetcorn (FREE)

Breakfast: 2 x slices of half & half toast 
Lunch: Chicken Curry with onions, garlic, peppers, green beans (SPEED), Peas (FREE) & Tilda Rice (3 syns) 
Tea: Lets not talk about it 

Breakfast: 1 x slice half & half toast (5 Syns) and a banana (FREE)
SNACK: 1 kinder beuno finger and a homemade cake (3 Syns for the kinder bueno I think but no idea Syns on the homemade cake 😫) 
LUNCH: Beef salad with beef (FREE) Lettuce, Onions, Peppers & Cucumber (SPEED & FREE) with a sachet of Mayonnaise (5 Syns) 
TEA: Stuffed mince peppers with rainbow rice 
DESSERT: Muller Light Banoffee Pie (1 SYN) 

BREAKFAST: 1 x slice half and half toast (5 Syns), 2 boiled eggs (FREE) 
SNACK: Nescafé Gold Choco Caramel Mocha (4.5syns) & Alpen Double Choc Bar (3 SYNS, HE) LUNCH: Stuffed Pepper with rainbow rice (FREE) & a dash of Nando’s Perinaise (2 SYNS but I had less than a level teaspoon) 
TEA: Pasta Bolognese made the slimming world way with peppers, onions, garlic, cabbage & leeks.

Breakfast: Weetabix Minis Choc Chip (7.5 SYNS & HE) and 2 boiled eggs (PROTEIN & FREE)
SNACK: grapes (free) and apple (SPEED & FREE)
LUNCH: Leftover Pasta Bolognese
TEA: 1 Mexican Nacho crumb chicken (8 SYNS), Birdseye Tender green rice (3.5 SYNS), halloumi (3 SYNS)& Tender stem broccoli (SPEED)

Despite some of the meals i've had this week coming to quite a few syns i managed to lost 1.5lb! I'm so happy with that because I said at my first weigh in that I wanted to lose at least 1lb in the first week. My goal in this next week is to lose the same 1.5lb or a bit more. 

I'll check in with you next week for my Week 2 update. 

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